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The WUHU Travel Club Terms and Conditions:

 -Members must remain active while booking travel and membership must remain current to be eligible for the benefits.


 - Membership cancellation must be received at least 14 days before your next auto draft, all bookings created while you were active will remain valid and payment would have to be made with our team should you become inactive but want to keep the reservation.  


- Usernames and passwords may not be shared with anyone else and all bookings must be made by the registered Travel Club Member only. 


- The full payment amount must be received on bookings 30 days prior to travel; failure to submit payment in full will result in Vacation Cancellation. 


- Name changes, room changes, and cancellations are subject to a fee at the discretion of the airline or resort and it will be your responsibility to contact them about their specific policy. 


-Membership cancellations must be done in writing to and within 14 days before your next draft date to prevent a charge for that month. 


-You are responsible for your own bookings, should you need any assistance you are able to contact the vacation team for help. 


-You will not earn any commissions on bookings, if you would like to upgrade to the Travel Agent Membership plan, please send us an email. 

-To get the reduced deposit plan, please remember to select that option when you are creating your booking.


-Flight only bookings are not permitted, must be bundled with a resort, hotel or property.


-Once you sign up you will receive an automatic email with a link to fill out a form for us to use to create your credentials. 


Happy Booking!

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